NHS near me. Building telehealth at scale: an example from Scotland

NHS Highland
April 2019

  |  Slide   |  Video Link About Clare: Clare Morrison is Senior Clinical Quality Lead at NHS Highland in Scotland. She is currently leading the development of NHS Near Me which is introducing video consulting at scale in NHS Highland. Clare has a long-standing special interest in delivering...

Scaling up video consulting in Scotland

NHS 24
April 2019

Abstract   |  Video Link About Hazel: Hazel Archer leads the National Programme to scale up the use of video consulting across Scotland. Hazel has been involved in the development of video conferencing solutions within the health and care sector for over 15 years and has supported the...

An integrated planning solution for rural and remote health care

Aidan Hobbs CheckUP Australia
August 2017

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CancerAid: Empowering cancer patients and their caregivers

Dr Nikhil Pooviah CancerAid
January 2017

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Hacking to Helping: Our drive to innovate and deliver new services via the QChild system

Gavin Bott CSIRO
March 2016


The Digital Health Guide: Bridging the digital divide between engaged patients and health providers

Tim Blake CancerAid
September 2013

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Feedback and training to improve use of an electronic prescribing system: A randomised controlled trial

Dr Melissa Baysari Datacom
October 2014


Point-of-Care Testing across rural and remote emergency departments in Australia: Staff perceptions of operational impact

Maria Dahm Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in Healthcare
November 2015

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Downtime in digital hospitals: An analysis of patterns and causes over 33 months

Jessica Chen Australian Commission on Safety & Quality in Healthcare
May 2013

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Transforming Alberta’s referral experience: Connecting healthcare professionals

Dr Allen Ausford Datacom
July 2015

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Australian Digital Health Agency – Clinical Engagement

Dr Monica Trujillo and Dr Eleanor Chew Datacom
June 2014

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